Land-based activities

We offer a wide range of land based outdoor activities, including:


Taking aim at ArcheryArchery is great fun and provides something for everyone – social, recreation or fierce competition. Using the two onsite permanent Archery ranges, participants will have plenty of opportunity to shoot and take part in competition and games.



Abseil Tree

Abseil at anderton centre lancashire chorley preston boltonA session on our 30ft Abseil Tree for adults, or our 12ft tree ideal for Primary School pupils, provide the perfect introduction to abseiling in a controlled environment. Great for confidence building and can be combined with other on site land activities such as Tree Climb or Low Ropes.  For older and more confident groups, we have the use of a local quarry with multi-pitch options, to develop abseiling and climbing skills.


Camping and Expeditions

Overnight camping and expeditions can be tailored to suit your needs and experience. The surrounding areas offer a variety of terrain to suit most groups.  We have plenty of quality camping and hiking kit and equipment in our stores as we hire it out as part of our Duke of Edinburgh mentoring/support to high schools.


 Climbing & Abseiling (Off-site)

Offsite climbing and abseiling Chorley Bolton central lancashire outdoor centre Easily accessible yet offering an amazing range of climbs from the simply exhilarating to the truly challenging, local venues have the ideal climbing terrain for beginner and expert alike.

For day visits, your group will need their own transport to get there.  When included as part of a residential, participants walk there with a group leader as part of a wider navigation/orienteering challenge.


Crate Stack

Crate StackThink ‘human Jenga!’.  One or two people are fitted with harness and stand on top of a stack of crates, the rest of the group help to build the stack as high as the can before it topples over.  Excellent team work and trust exercise, can be coupled with other on site activities such as Archery or Abseil Tree.





Jacobs Ladder

This high ropes team challenge is an exhilarating session involving the whole team, building trust & group responsibility.


Low Ropes Course

Low Ropes course team building lancashire outdoor centre schools corporate away days Our permanent on-site Low Ropes Course provides a fun session allowing you to test your balance and teamwork to work your way around a series of challenging elements.  Ideal for corporate away days.


Hill Walking & Navigation

Hill walking and navigation sessions can be tailored to provide a suitable route for any ability and weather conditions, giving you the best possible experience in the outdoors with one of our experienced instructors.  We also offer NGB courses in Mountain Leader training and Duke of Edinburgh assessment.



Orienteering course Anderton Centre lancashire offsite Rivington Pike Lever Park Never get lost again! Test your map and compass skills as you navigate around our fun, but challenging orienteering courses. With a number of different courses on-site ideal for Primary and Secondary schools and corporate team-building and a larger one in Lever Park across the reservoir, there is something for all ages and abilities.  KS1 children with only early literacy or numeracy skills can follow our symbols/pictorial course.


P1030101From Spider’s Web (pictured) to Bullhorn, to Robot Wars and Communication/Blindfolded challenges, our team challenges are a great way to start off a Corporate away day or ice-breaker session for KS3/4 students with fun and learning.  Plenty of opportunity for developing communication skills, team work and personal development.


Tree climb primary residentials anderton centre lancashire Tree Climb

Using climbing holds attached to trees participants will scale the taller trees in the centre, some up to 50ft high. Participants will assist in the belaying of others as well as learning basic knots. This session is excellent for building confidence and learning to trust and support others.



Activities can be combined and programmes tailor made to meet all your group needs.  A typical 2.5 hour outdoor activity session led by our fully qualified instructors, combines two land-based activities (eg, Archery and Low Ropes; Abseil Tree and Orienteering).  Contact our team to discuss your group or classes’ aims and for sample activity programmes over a half day, day, residential or half-termly engagement programme for KS3 or KS4 cohort.


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